What to expect:


This is Simple AOSP a ROM built from the Android Open Source Project's git, and an aftermarket firmware for the Android Operating system. This ROM was built for users that are looking for useful features that are integrated onto a ROM without other features that are not somewhat used by others. This ROM will provide users with smooth, fast experience and you'll definitely love and like it. So what are you waiting for go to the download page and start downloading for your device.





  • Download your device's firmware on the download page.

  • Download GApps (Google Apps, you can search in xda for this.)

  • Reboot to recovery

    • If coming from a different ROM or Stock, make sure to make a full wipe before flashing the package

  • Flash the ROM, GApps package.

  • Bitch slap an iPhone user after flashing.

  • Reboot.

  • Setup.

  • Profit!



Special Thanks:


  • Google AOSP

  • CyanogenMod

  • Paranoid Android

  • SaberMod (sparksco)

  • AOSPAL (MikeCriggs)

  • Linux

  • xda-developers

  • hubdroid.com for our server

  • and many more...